Project FR-S – Testing the Nameless Performance Second Generation Header

Testing the Nameless Performance Second Generation Header

by Mike Kojima

Until now our FR-S had been running on Nameless Performance's very first prototype header, in fact, this was the very first attempt at a header that they had made. This header worked pretty decently and we have been rocking it for the last 10000 or so miles.  However, since that time Nameless has been busy at work continually testing and improving their header design and recently released their final production version.  The new header is radically different than the prototype we had been running and best of all it is now available for sale.

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The Nameless FR-S/BRZ header is made of TIG welded and back purged 304 stainless steel.  To reduce heat soak in the engine compartment the header comes with a black ceramic thermal barrier coating.  Since the header is a tight fit around some heat sensitive components this is actually pretty important.
Unlike the prototype unit, the production Nameless header is a true equal length long runner tri-Y design.  The tuned length is optimized and not compromised for packaging like our prototype was. All of the junctures are smoothly merged for best flow and proper wave propagation.  The production header uses larger primary and secondary tube diameters than the prototype did. We think this will work better with the increased flow demands of our supercharged setup.
The Nameless FA20 header oozes with made in the USA quality.  The header features thick stainless flanges and tubing with beautiful welds.  It's a shame that the thermal barrier coating hides all of this.
Both primary O2 sensors are in the collector to facilitate the packaging of equal length runners without having to mess with the OEM harness.  Our prototype header was like this as well and we ran it that way for nearly two years with no problems.

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