MotoIQ’s Mike Kojima To Judge JE Pistons Master of Motors Competition at SEMA and PRI

JE Pistons Unveils Masters of Motors Competition at SEMA and PRI 2018

Beginning at the 2018 SEMA and PRI shows, JE Pistons will be recognizing engine builders’ hard work, creativity, and commitment to combustion with a new competition dubbed Masters of Motors. Judged by industry experts David Freiburger, Brian Lohnes, Steve Brulé, and our own Mike Kojima, the competition will pit the top engines of SEMA and PRI against each other on the grounds of creativity, style, engineering, as well as several other facets.

2018 Masters of Motors SEMA and PRI Classes
• Engine-uity Award (overall winner – 80-pound billet trophy)
• Sport Compact
• European
• Domestic
• Race Engine
• Nostalgia
• Power Adder

The Master of Motors winner will receive the coveted, billet “Engine-uity” trophy as well as $4,500 in product certificates from supporting manufacturers. All class winners will receive a $1,000 JE Pistons product certificate to be used on any set of JE pistons, rings, or JE Pro Seal gaskets.

Judging for Masters of Motors (SEMA) will begin on Tuesday, October 30th and competitors are encouraged to register online to let judges know where to find their engines. The crowning of the inaugural Masters of Motors champion will take place on October 31st at JE Pistons SEMA booth 22657, 11:00 am PST.
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About JE Pistons …
JE Pistons is the leader in high-performance forged pistons with a reputation that the competition can only follow. JE manufacturers the highest quality pistons and components that professional engine builders, race teams, and high-performance enthusiasts trust and rely on.
JE Pistons combines technical excellence with responsiveness to meet and exceed customer needs. JE Pistons, Inc. is a growing and dynamic business, which prides itself on the spirit and professionalism of its employees.


  1. Holy moly! Mike Kojima and Steve Brulé, two of the most knowledgeable engine guys judging together on an engine competition!

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