MotoIQ’s Project 240SX Sets a Land Speed Record at El Mirage!


As we chased Chuck in the recovery vehicle, we heard the speed announced over the CB Radio: “165.5 miles per hour… we believe that may be a new record” Hearing those words made the last two hell weeks worth it.

In all of the bustle, Nick seems to have been the only one that was able to get a shot of the actual timing slip before we turned it in to SCTA to confirm the record. This sheet is the only validation we have of our run.

We had the motor inspected and sealed for displacement prior to install. This elimiated the need to open up the motor at the event to be measured.

We took the car to impound where they performed class validation to officiate the record. This included testing the gasoline to make sure that we weren't running alcohol, and to make sure our motor had been properly inspected and sealed for displacement prior to running.

Sean Rossi collects a sample of the ERC A8D Race fuel for testing.
Purple Drank aint got nothin' on our Blue Drank.

Last thing they asked was “Do you want a trophy, or a jacket?”  Chuck chose the trophy… the thought of a jacket in 100 degree weather just wasn't appealing.    

With the shakedown of the new powertrain complete, we are now even more confident that we can break the H/PS record of 168 MPH at Bonneville next month. And the original goal of entering the 200 MPH club? That's looking even more obtainable. Stay tuned!


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