Motovicity Ticket to Ride – Scion FR-S Build Part 1



In the rear the Eibach Pro-Street coilover kit uses a monotube design. The reservoir houses gas under high pressure, which helps eliminate cavitation.
The reason for the remote reservoir on the rear Eibach shocks is to make room for the gas chamber; The rear shock is so short that this is really the only/best solution.    
For the TTR FR-S' braking needs, the team at Motovicity once again turned to the experts at StopTech for their brake component recommendations. With the FR-S being a much lighter chassis than the Mustang, a Big Brake Kit was not a necessity. With StopTech having their Sport Kit option available for the FR-S, the choice was clear. The StopTech Sport Kit for the FR-S (part# 977.44016) comes with a set of slotted directional rotors for the front and rear, DOT compliant stainless steel braided Teflon brake lines, and their versatile Street Performance Brake Pads.
Though the front and rear brake rotors remain the same size, the slotted design will help evacuate old used brake pad residue and help prevent build-up. The black e-coating on the non-friction surface of the rotors will ensure a long service life by preventing corrosion and rust.
The StopTech stainless steel brake lines have a coated Teflon inner core, covered by a stainless woven braid. Not only are they cut to the perfect size needed for each application, but they also come with all the necessary mounting brackets and fasteners required for an OE like installation.


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