Motovicity’s Ticket To Ride FR-S Update- Exedy Stage 2 Clutch


The disc has a sprung hub which cushions the drivetrain from shock, something useful when trying to protect a stock transmission from more power than what it was rated to take!  The cushioned hub is much smoother for street driving and reduces chatter on engagement.  A sprung hub also greatly reduces the drivetrain resonance that solid hub clutches can produce, again, this greatly helps streetability.  The hub springs are retained by a thicker than stock stamping to help keep them from falling out.

The sprung hub has these sturdy stop pins to prevent damage to the spring retainers as well. Note there is no marcel spring behind the pucks so you know this clutch is going to have quick engagement. This is good for quick shifting, but less so for smooth engagement.

The friction material is made of sintered copper intermixed with ceramic powder.  The copper provides lubricity and temperature resistance. The ceramic improves the coefficient of friction and helps keep the friction level constant over a wide range of temperatures.

All of the above features result in a clutch with the capacity to hold 228 wheel ft/lbs of torque, quite a large amount considering the streetability of the combination.  The Stage 2 clutch is not a perfectly smooth street clutch by any means but it is fairly streetable considering it's a puck clutch that can take a lot of abuse.

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