Motovicity’s Ticket To Ride Mustang Update- Stack Pro-Control Gauges

Motovicity's Ticket To Ride Mustang Update- Stack Pro-Control Gauges

By Mike Kojima


Having a lot of trick parts on your car means nothing if you blow it up because you didn't know critical parameters were going out of range.  Of course we don't want that to happen to the Motovicity Ticket To Ride Mustang so we enlisted the help of Stack with a set of their Pro-Control Gauges to ensure we would not accidentally burn the house down.

What sets Pro-Control gauges apart from other gauges is their ability to control switched devices that can be triggered whenever a pre programmed high or low setting is surpassed.  Fans, pumps, nitrous, the list of things that can be switched on or off by a Pro-Control Gauge is only limited by your imagination.

Pro Control gauges also feature many other state of the art functions such as 0-5 volt analog outputs for datalogging or active ECU feedback, programmable high and low reading warnings that flash the entire gauges face in different pre programmed colors, a large 270 degree sweep and solid state sensors for an amazing 2% accuracy over the sweep of the gauge.


Monitoring the air fuel ratio is important as running too lean is not good for the life of your motor.  We are going to keep tabs on our engine's mixture with Stack's 52mm Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio gauge.  The Stack A/F monitor has a dual digital and radial bar graph LED displays for easy reading.  The gauge also a a 0-4 volt analog output for data logging or ECU closed loop feedback.  The gauge features a programmable over lean alarm and a peak recall of the leanest condition during the last run.  The gauge is compatible with gasoline, methanol, ethanol, propane or liquefied natural gas fuels.


To keep track of our oil temperature we selected Stack's 52mm Pro-Control oil temperature gauge.  Typical electrical gauges have their needles driven by slow acting coils.  However Pro- Control gauges feature precise stepper motor driven needles for super accuracy and speed of movement.  The oil temperature gauge features a 0-5 volt analog output for data logging or ECU feedback.  The gauge also features a peak and hold function and maximum and minimum programmable warnings.  What's cool is the warning function causes the entire gauge face to flash a different color with the speed of the flash corresponding to how far out of range the condition is.  The gauge has a “Pro-Control” output that can control switches, pumps or other devices.  To top it all off the gauge can be programmed in many different color combinations.


We also chose a Pro-Control oil pressure gauge.  Oil pressure is perhaps the most critical function to monitor closely.  In addition to the other previously mentioned Pro-Control features the oil pressure gauge has a super fast reading and accurate solid state pressure transducer for a sensor.  Like all Pro-Control gauges this mean an accuracy of better than 2% over the gauge's 270 degree sweep.  All Pro Control gauges come with the sensors and a wiring harness.


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