Formula Drift 2013 Round 4: Wall Speedway
Formula Drift Wall Speedway

Formula Drift 2013 Round 4: Wall Speedway
By Justin Banner / Photos By Dan Jenkins


Formula Drift is a series in 2013 that has been plagued in the eyes of the fans by bad calls and inconsistent judging. Results are now reviewed with such scrutiny by enthusiasts that the judges have to explain their reasons well after the round is over. Things have become so disconnected from the fans that even co-owner Ryan Sage has admitted there is a problem on Formula Drift Insider. However, despite all of these issues fans and drivers continue to come back for more. It could be the belief that it will eventually get better or because this is the only professional Drift series in the United States. Whatever the reason, round after round the seats are filled and tickets are sold out.Wall Speedway is a track that takes a huge toll on cars if you approach the bank wrong. When the short track is normally in use, the Armco barrier at the top of the track is smooth. The Armco is layered to be followed in a counter-clockwise direction. The bank is run in a clockwise direction when Formula Drift runs Wall and this means that the Armco barrier is now the automotive equivalent of a cheese grater. If you’re good, you’ll just rip and shred a bumper or pull it completely off. Hit it wrong however, and wheels get caught and start ripping off suspension parts, fenders, tubing, and anything else the cheese grater can grab.

In the previous two rounds, we saw tons of carnage on the track. However, Wall was sort of quiet in comparison and even to past years. I think this is the first time I have watched Wall Speedway and see more cars come back in mostly one piece and the Armco not really play a huge factor. The only person taken out by the wall would be Carl Rydquist in Top 32 Practice. Other than that, the Wall just wasn’t that hungry.

Pawlak vs Hamilton

Justin Pawlak would get the win in the Falken Tires Ford Mustang after Nate Hamilton’s hatch opened on his Enjuku Racing Nissan 240SX. Open doors while in your run will automatically give you a zero for 2013.

Danny George vs Ryan Kado 

Danny George in the Wreckhouse V8 Miata took the win and the first Top 16 in his career. He defeated Ryan Kado in the DNA Motoring Nissan 350Z.

Grunewald vs Ovcharik
Performing a true follow run is being enforced in Formula Drift for 2013, which is why the Megan Racing/Hankook Camaro of Conrad Grunewald went one more time against Miro Ovcharik in the Sikky Nissan 240SX. Performing a better follow run, Grunewald took the win.

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