Formula Drift 2013 Round 4: Wall Speedway


Top 16

Danny George vs JTP

Despite the power of the people, Danny George couldn’t use it to gain an extra 100 horsepower and Falken Tires driver Justin Pawlak would move on to the Great 8. It would be a great show for Danny George as he continues to improve and produce more angle and smoke than we’ve seen a Miata ever produce. Yes, that is a mustache and buck-teeth on Danny's car.

Gruenwald vs Denofa

Grunewald would once again find himself in a One More Time match, this time with Chelsea Denofa. Unfortunately, Denofa would make it easy for Conrad as Chelsea’s BMW would break and give Grunewald a bye-run.

Essa vs Forsberg

Mike Essa would get a zero on his follow run against Chris Forsberg, but to make up for it and hope for a zero run by Forsberg, Essa turned up the wick and burned his Yokohama Tires to the cords. He produced so much smoke, no one could figure out how Forsberg was following! It still wasn't enougt to phase the 2009 champion as Forsberg kept up with Mike and move on to the Great 8.

McQuarrie vs Landerville
Tyler McQuarrie would have to run One More Time against 2012 DMCC Champion Marc Landreville. The Formula Drift rookie was showing his championship roots against the Formula Drift veterans. Even more amazing is that Landreville is one of the few SR20DET drivers in the pro field for 2013. McQuarrie would get the win, though, and enter the Great 8.
Tuerck crash

Ryan Tuerck was looking poised to move on to the Great 8 against Darren McNamara as Tuerck looked unstoppable. However, as Ryan was following D-Mac, the front of the car caught grip and sent him into the Armco. The car could not be repaired and Darren would move on. Robbie Nishida would face the wounded Odi Bakchis. Nishida has found the stride he needs for the 2013 season and didn’t let it go to waste as he would move on against Bakchis.

Aasbo vs Field
Matt Field, the giant killer himself, was looking to break the Norwegian Hammer of Fredric Aasbo. However, the hammer of Norway couldn’t even be chipped and Aasbo would take the win and move on to the Great 8.

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