Formula Drift 2013 Round 4: Wall Speedway


Vaughn vs Saito

We saw these guys face off in Florida and if you remember the result, they had a One More Time and Vaughn crashed into Daigo. It ruined Vaughn’s chances of a podium finish as his car was too broke after that. This battle resulted in a One More Time between the two foes once again. While Vaughn managed to keep his car close to Daigo without hitting him it looked like the tire problems from earlier in the day bit him again. Vaughn would have a spin and give the win to Daigo Saito. This time, though, Daigo would bump into Vaughn and damage the front of the SC430 taking out the headlight and most of the bumper on the left hand side of the car.

Great 8

Grunewald vs Pawlak

It would be the Camaro versus Mustang, Hankook versus Falken battle between Justin Pawlak and Conrad Grunewald. The Falken Mustang would knock out the Hankook Camaro this round and give Ford another win against Chevy.

Forsberg vs McQuarrie

Chris Forsberg wouldn’t have much of a battle against Tyler McQuarrie as Tyler would spin out on his lead run. Forsberg, after that amazing battle against Essa, would prove that being consistent and knowing your course would pay off. It would also knock out another Chevrolet and Yokohama Tire driver.

DMac vs Nishida

Robbie Nishida would not see the podium on this day as Darren McNamara would be able to out drive the Achilles Radial Tire driver and give Falken a better edge against Achilles. With Nishida looking strong, this may yet still be the year Robbie takes a win or at least a second place.

Saito vs Aasbo

Fredric Aasbo would be looking for redemption against Daigo Saito. Going to several One More Time battles only to be defeated by Saito at Long Beach this year, the fans were looking forward to this battle. However, the dream runs we saw at Long Beach were for not and Daigo Saito would move on against Aasbo. It did come with some confusion as it appeared that the judges had scored Aasbo with the win, but it turned out to be a computer error.

Final Four

JTP vs Forsberg

This would be a battle for the purists with a Ford Chassis with a Ford V8 Engine would facing a Nissan Chassis with a Nissan V8 Engine. It would also be the final battle in which Hankook could take out Falken at Wall Speedway. It wouldn’t be Hankook or Nissan’s day this round at Justin Pawlak would take his Falken Tires Ford Mustang to the win and would wait to see if it would be a maximum day for Falken Tires by having a 1-2 finish or if he would have to be the sole representative for them in the final battle for first place.

Darren vs Saito

JTP would find out quickly. Darren would have a harsh landing from the transition from the bank to the flat and spin himself out. This would give Daigo Saito the win and he would face off against Justin Pawlak for First. 

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