Formula Drift 2013 Round 4: Wall Speedway


Third Place

DMac vs Forsberg

Before we could see who would end up on the top step of the podium, we would have to first see who would end up on the lowest step. This could still be a maximum Tire Championship points day for Falken Tire if Darren could manage to win against Forsberg. It would also knock Hankook Tires down a peg, too.

Darren vs Forsberg

Darren had a pretty decent lead run against Forsberg, but it would be the follow run that would determine the outcome. Coming into the lower bank after the first front clipping zone, Darren made contact with Chris Forsberg. It was very slight, but it was hard enough to rip off the carbon fiber passenger door. This contact gave Darren a zero and third place to Chris Forsberg in the NOS Energy Drink 370Z!

Daigo Saito Gets the win

The First Place winner would also be determined by the chase run of each driver. Daigo Saito pulled amazing proximity against Justin Pawlak. Saito was door to door in his runs against JTP and held a huge advantage because of this. Pawlak would also pull great proximity against Daigo, but JTP would also spin out on his chase run. This gave the win away and Daigo Saito would be your first place finisher for Wall Speedway!

Daigo Still In the Points Lead

Despite going out in the Top 16, Vaughn Gittin, Jr is still very close to Daigo Saito points wise. The same can also be said for Mike Essa. First to fifth in points are only separated by 78.50 points and it's still anyone’s game in the Top 5. Daijiro Yoshihara is 141.75 points behind in 9th place. I won’t count him out 100 percent yet, but things are looking very bleak for his championship run in 2013. 

1. Daigo Saito                   361 points
2. Vaughn Gittin Jr.        300 points
3. Mike Essa                     296.5 points
4. Chris Forsberg            286 points

5. Justin Pawlak             282.5 points

Falken vs Achilles

Falken Tires had a great points day with their drivers finishing 2nd and 4th. They are in the lead by 54.5 points ahead of Achilles Radial. Hankook sits in 3rd at 87.5 points behind Falken while Nitto is in 4th, 120 points behind.

1. Falken       640
2. Achilles     585.5
3. Hankook   552.5
4. Nitto         520
5. Maxxis     404

Ford Vs Lexus

Ford and Lexus both had good days along with Nissan. Drivers of each car were on the podium. Ford and Lexus are currently tied for 1st at 582.5 points apiece while Nissan is in 3rd with 524.5 points. Scion sits in 4th with 502.5 points. 

1. Ford      582.5 points
2. Lexus    582.5 points
3. Nissan  524.5 points
4. Scion    502.5 points

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