Motovicity’s Ticket To Ride Scion FR-S Update- AEM Electronics Gauges, AQ-1 Datalogger and High Performance Fuel Pump!

Motovicity's Ticket To Ride Scion FR-S Update- AEM Electronics Gages, AQ-1 Datalogger and High Performance Fuel Pump!

By Mike Kojima


In our last update for the Motovicity Ticket To Ride Scion FR-S project, we discussed the attributes of the HKS Legamax Exhaust.  Now we will be adding another bunch of cool parts from AEM Electronics to both monitor performance and to supply fuel for the engine.


Motovicity will be supplying the winning shop with an AEM’s AQ-1 Data Logger for the project. The AQ-1 has a lot of cool features in a compact 4.8 x 4.55 x 1.44″ case and is very easy to install. It can read live parameters from ancillary sensors, AEMnet enabled devices, GPS and more. After logging, the data can be put  into a single log to make it easy to view.  With its stand alone capability, it’s ideal for late model EFI-equipped vehicles and even older carbureted vehicles.   What makes the AQ-1 even more sweet is that it is less than half the cost of most other data loggers.  The AQ-1 can log at up to 1000 hz and can log multiplexed daisy chained AEMnet compatible devices.


The AQ-1 comes with a stand alone wire harness that plugs in here which makes set up a lot easier. To make life with the AQ-1 easy, it comes with intuitive software with a set-up Wizard and sensor library that really simplifies the set up process. The AQ-1 has three switched-to-ground inputs for clutch, brake, cooling fan ground switch, nitrous solenoid ground or ground switch to start and stop AQ1 Logger.


The AQ-1 stores data on easy to access SD cards and comes with a 2GB card as standard.  It can support cards of up to 32 GB. The AQ-1 easily logs AEM gauges, MAP/pressure sensors, TPS, APP, shock travel, load cell sensors, analog and frequency MAF sensors, any 2-wire temp sensor, any 3-wire pressure sensor, RTD, EGT, vehicle speed, injector duty cycle, boost control solenoid, flow sensor, HALL sensor, clutch pressure, brake pressure, and more! With GPS, the AQ-1 has track mapping capability. All data (sensors, daisy-chain) is saved to single log file with real-time clock!


The AQ-1 comes with this ready to wire up harness that makes installation much easier.  The harness is set up for two and three wire sensors and is pre terminated for some common sensors. 


The AQ-1 can communicate with GPS devices using an RS-232 port and a serial port for communicating with aftermarket ECMs, and CANBUS. The AQ-1 can measure four 0-5 volt or 0-16 volt analog inputs for three wire sensors, four 0-5 volt analog inputs with a pull up resistor for two wire sensors and three switched to ground inputs.


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