Motovicity’s Ticket To Ride Scion FR-S Update- AEM Electronics Gauges, AQ-1 Datalogger and High Performance Fuel Pump!


The Motovicity Ticket to Ride FR-S will be using a full suite of AEM Electronics digital gauges. We like the AEM gauges due to their compact rearward dimensions and light weight which make them easy to install.  The AEM digital gauges have a digital display and an analog type sweep display which makes them easy to read at a quick glance. They have a cool auto dimming feature and come with black or silver bezels and black or white backgrounds to match your interior. All AEM Electronics gauges have a 0-5 volt analog output for data loggers like the AQ-1.


We will be using AEM's pressure gauges to monitor fuel and oil pressure.  You can change the gauges monitoring function by changing the background of the gauge to read oil, fuel or boost which is a pretty cool feature, especially if you might want to use the gauge for something else later. Basically the gauge can be used for any function you might choose. 


Oil temperature will be monitored with AEM''s temperature gauge.  Like the pressure gauge, it can be used to monitor any type of temperature.  Again, you just need to switch the gauge's background out. All AEM gauges come with the sensors and plug and play wire harness. 


To monitor the ever critical air fuel ratio and boost, AEM will supply their failsafe boost, vacuum and AFR gauge.  The gauge can simultaneously monitor any two parameters, in this case they will monitor boost pressure and AFR. What is really cool about the failsafe gauge is that not only can it can monitor boost and AFR, but you can also set minimum and maximum parameters to trigger a warning grounded output.  You can use the warning output to creatively trigger an alarm, shut off your boost control or switch to a limp map on your ECM unit. This unit can save your engine! 


We have used AEM failsafe gauges with good results on some of our other project cars in the past.  Here we used the monitor on our Project EVO IX to monitor our water injection system flow rate.  The gauge will plot the operating points and display them as dots.  Then you set the warning limit lines around the dots.  If the system goes beyond the limit lines, an alarm is triggered through a ground switch.  


On our EVO we used the gauge warning output to trigger this pizo speaker which makes an annoying beep.  You can get creative and use the ground to trigger all sorts of different fail safes.


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