Motovicity’s Ticket to Ride Update – Sparco Seats

Motovicity's Ticket to Ride Update – Sparco Seats

by Mike Kojima

Believe it or not having good seats with a lot of lateral support is critical for a performance machine.  If you modify your suspension to generate a lot of lateral G's but have a seat with poor side bolstering, the act of staying in the seat can be quite distracting.  A good example of this are the base seats in the R35 Nissan GT-R.  The car has loads of cornering capability but the seats are pretty poor and you struggle to keep your body in them duing high speed cornering.

If you have ever driven a racecar with good seat you know how much easier a properly fitting wrap around racing seat can be to drive.  Your upper body can stay relaxed and your mind focuses only on turning the steering wheel and working the pedals.  Believe us it is a huge difference.

Of course Motovicity Ticket to Ride machines have to get a seating upgrade since we are going through nearly all systems in the entire car to greatly improve handling.  We are providing lateral support with the help of Sparco.  The Ticket To Ride Mustang, since it has useable rear seats gets the race inspired Chrono Road set that has the support of a race seat but still folds to allow easy use of the rear seats. 

Since the rear seats of the FR-S are only useful for storage, aggressive Sparco Fighter seats will be used.  The Fighters are a shell type seat that is very similar to a racing seat but has bottom mounts like a street seat to ease installation.

The seats will be coming from Motovicity.  The fact that the seats are coming from Motovicity is quite important because Motovicity takes extra steps to make sure that the seats reach the dealer and most importantly the customer in excellent condition.  When shipped from Sparco the seats are simply placed into a box.  Motovictiy has found that in the past, seats were often damaged in shipping to the customer.  Because of this Motovictiy takes some extra steps to make sure Sparco orders arrive in good shape.

When shipped from Sparco the seats are simply placed in cardboard boxes.  Motovictiy repacks the seats in their own much more sturdy custom boxes. as shown here.  There are several sizes of box so each seat will fit well without shifting around which can cause scuffing.

You cannot return used seats so there are warning labels telling the customer to carefully test fit each seat before mounting.  The labels are placed so they have to be cut to remove the seat from the box.  This increases the chance that the customer will actually read the warning labels.

The boxes are strategically filled with expanding foam padding.  Foam is placed around the seat's corners, handles and reclining mechanisms to help prevent damage.

The seats arrived at MotoIQ headquarters in perfect condition after their cross country trip from Motovicity.

A thick plastic bag protects the seat itself from abrasion while the many bags of hard foam protect the seat's vital areas.  Look how much foam the seat had when unpacked at MotoIQ.

The seats were in perfect condition and ready for shooting in our studio as soon as they came out of the box.

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