Motovicity’s Ticket to Ride Update – Sparco Seats


Even though the Sparco Fighter is a simpler and lighter seat, it is still packed just as carefully by Motovictiy in a custom heavy duty box with plenty of padding.

The seat is protected by a thick plastic bag and plenty of foam in all the right places.  It also came out of the box after its long trip in perfect condition.
The Sparco Fighter is a very heavily racing inspired street seat with the support, light weight and snug fit to the body of a typical racing seat.  It has a lightweight shell and upholstery with anti abrasion inserts in high wear areas.  The cover is also removable for replacement or cleaning.  The seats have removable lumbar pads like many Sparco racing seats.
The Fighter has harness pass through holes to properly position the harnesses.  Without the holes you could get spinal compression or worse yet, come out of the seat due to out of place shoulder harnesses.
There are also slots for a racing type lap belt.  With the aggressive bolstering, the slots help position the lap belt correctly.
Full race seats typically have FIA approved side mounts.  Side mounting makes it difficult to adapt the seats to a street car without a lot of fabrication.  The Fighter has conventional bottom mounting like an OEM seat to make adapting to your street car a lot easier.

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