“My Girlfriend’s” Miata: Part 5 – Keeping Cool with Koyo Radiators


I still have the SRS wiring even though I don't have an airbag. The SRS wiring travels over the top of the radiator and needs to be disconnected. This is why I recommend disconnecting the battery if you have an airbag. 
Next you have one bolt holding the upper mount on each side of the radiator. 
These are accessed from the top easily just a few inches down on both sides of the radiator. I also removed the air intake tube to create a bit more space to work and after that you're done up top. 
Down to the bottom we go. Start by removing the plastic splash panel that's under the car. The coolant is drained through the little circle you see right in the middle. 
Next, you'll have to remove the hardware that bolts the power steering lines (if you have power steering) to the radiator. All this hardware looked like it was from the early 1900s, but we had no broken bolts and everything turned freely! 
Here we have a few more bolts for the power steering. Again, they look like they were originally used on the Titanic. 
After those bolts, your next step is removing the lower radiator hose. A bit tighter confines, but still not bad. This job is going pretty well!

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