“My Girlfriend’s” Miata: Part 5 – Keeping Cool with Koyo Radiators


I didn't grab a picture, but the radiator lifts straight out at this point and is very easy to remove. If you're cheap like me, you'll reuse your rusty hardware from the original radiator rather than buying new parts. These are the lower mounts which use a C-clip to mount and be held in place. All the hardware works beautifully with the new Koyorad radiator. 
The next job is to transfer over the fans. I used anti-seize lubricant to ensure the rusty bolts won't freeze in place if we have to work on the cooling system in the future. Everything lined up perfectly and you're nearly ready to drop the assembly back into the car. 
Last, but not least, with the upper mounts in place you're ready to reinstall. 
The Koyorad radiator fits like a glove and drops right in with no issues or clearance problems. Installation is reverse of removal with a few bolts, wiring being connected and radiator hoses installed. I went with new hoses as the old ones were a bit soft. 
And here she is all finished up and ready to be filled with fresh coolant. A simple job for an afternooon and your Miata's cooling system is greatly improved. 
Make sure to properly bleed the cooling system as any trapped air can reduce the pressure of your cooling system and also create air pockets that can overheat.

After installing the Koyorad radiator, the Miata wouldn’t get up to temperature! Turns out the thermostat wasn’t working as it should, which makes me wonder if it’s been bad this entire time. If that was the case, the car was warming up only because the existing radiator was so terribly inefficient. It was providing just enough cooling capacity to keep from overheating with normal daily driving. The Miata always took forever to warm up and with a fresh thermostat in the car, it warms up extremely quickly, so likely the cooling system was truly terrible.

The radiator does work perfectly in day-to-day driving, so what about on the track? Well, you’ll just have to hold on for the next article to find out!




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