Nerd Vacation – The Nissan Engine Museum


Another display, showed the evolution of Nissan's piston designs over the years. To the untrained eye some of the subtle differences may be hard to discern. On the left, note the two ports located in the undercrown which lead to a cast in circumferential oil channel under the piston's crown.  The idea here was to cool the pistons crown and ring grooves with oil shot in by the engine's oil squirters. Although that's a pretty cool feature, the RB26DETT's piston is still some what archaic in design with its full round skirt and what appears to be a non-anodized top ring groove. A gander at the VQ30DE pistons to the right reveals a somewhat more modern box design with more defined struts adjoining the two piston skirts to the pin boss towers.  The VQ30DE piston also features an anodized top ring groove which is common on modern pistons to help prevent micro welding.  
Moving onto a neat little contraption, Nissan had a rig on display where visitors could get a hands on demonstration of Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL).  By moving the switch on the top of the unit and then cranking the small handle, visitors are able to simulate both minimum and maximum valve lift and duration scenarios.
Making our way upstairs, there was an entire level focusing on the early days and heritage of Nissan.
Here is a photo of the Nissan Yokohama factory dating back to the mid '30s.  The headquarters building is visible as the small building to the right of the turnabout.
One awesome display was this diorama of the headquarters building as it would have appeared sometime in the 1970's (complete with moving train).  Lots of mini people checking out mini 510's and Z cars…
The diorama is highly detailed, to the point that it makes you feel as if you're a part of the scene about to walk up to the cars…

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