Nerd Vacation – The Nissan Engine Museum


A photo of the 4 “Takumi” (engine builders considered to be at the top of their craft), who have been chosen to hand assemble each engine that finds its way into a GT-R.  Each individual VR38 is assembled in a clean room by a single Takumi, whose personal name plate is affixed to each completed engine, a rarity in today's world of highly automated manufacturing.
I'm sure having this set of posters hung up at home would be a dream come true for Nissan nerds, I think the Silvia one is particularly cool…
Here is the overall exhibit room. Imagine how many key decisions regarding Nissan's future were made in this very place…
In fact, portions of the upstairs hallway and rooms have been left with their original 1934 cherrywood flooring intact so visitors are able to walk on the very same floors that the company’s founders walked.
As the Yokohama facility houses one of Nissan's main engine manufacturing plants, it is no surprise that there would be a room dedicated to showcasing Nissan's world class engine and production technologies. Here we are looking at a section of blank steel ingot, next to which we have a rough crankshaft forging, and finally the finished product.  This particular crankshaft is for the MR20.
Here we are looking at the raw aluminum material used to cast engine blocks. Next to it is a rough cast block, and the finished machined block on the left.

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