Nerd’s Eye View: Dale Coyne Racing IndyCar


If you look closely behind the turbine housing, there appears to be a support bracket used to support the weight of the turbo and reduce the stress on the exhaust manifold. The big silver wastegate line and the orange O2 sensor line are zip-tied to the bracket.
A close-up of the wastegate shows safety wire used to prevent the mounting nuts from backing off. A loose wastegate would result in poor regulation of exhaust flow and no one wants that.
The rear upper control arms have heat shielding on them to protect against the exhaust flow.
indycar air intakeMoving to the intake side of the engine, the two turbos get air from the air box mounted up top.
The compressor intake tube is the one towards the front of the car and the compressor outlet feeds into the intake manifold. As the car uses direct injection and E85 fuel, an intercooler is not required.

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