Nerd’s Eye View: Dale Coyne Racing IndyCar


The mounting brackets for the rear wing allow for adjustment of height and angle. I think that cable going from the wing and bolted to the bracket is a tether cable in case the wing somehow breaks off.
Check out how the trailing edges of the carbon fiber wing mounts are tapered to an edhave been tapered.
That’s a long tunnel! The hole over to the left is where the starter attaches.
The pretty carbon fiber bodywork is attached by this equally pretty bracket and rods.
Those tunnels start pretty much at the beginning of the side pods. Yes, more tape covering holes on the underside.
This is Justin Wilson’s steering wheel. All the teams start with a base wheel and customize it to their preferences. Some rubber stuff is used to custom mold the wheel to Justin’s hands.
The top two flappy paddles are for shifting while the lower two are for the clutch.

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