Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show 2015 – Porsche


Not much of the stock interior remains. Just the climate control buttons and the stock shift lever. On the door is the stock window and mirror adjustment buttons. In the center console, the rotating knob adjusts the level of ABS intervention in conjunction with Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control.
As the car is designed for wheel-to-wheel racing, a proper cage and seat are installed direct from the factory.
The rear of the cage ties into the rear strut towers to add some serious stiffness. On a side note, the street car already had a beefy sheet metal structure between the strut towers for stiffness, the cage just turns things up to 11.
Aside from serious cars, there was serious camera gear around the auto show. Anodized aluminum bits, sturdy looking rail system with graduated marks, and I’m really digging the carved wood carrying handle.
A guy was towing his camera around on this skate board thingy to grab panning shots around the base of the cars.
This is under the rear of the Cayman GT4. There’s many stiffness adding features here. Looking at this bottom plate, there are two side extensions with each extension piece having double U-bends in the sheet metal to stiffen them up. The back of the plate bolts to a brace which looks to attach to the chassis. There there’s this other silver colored bar going across the span of the rear of the car bolting to the transmission mount. I think it is to counter the rotation of the engine/transmission when throttle is applied, so basically like adding stiffer engine mounts to make for better throttle response.

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