Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2013 – Part I



R's Tuning GTR

A few of you have probably seen Ricky Kwan’s GTR before. It does have some atypical bits and pieces on it however…

Nope, that’s not an intercooler…

R's tuning GTR SEMA 2013

But rather a radiator.

R's Tuning GTR SEMA 2013

Providing the cooled water for the pair of air-to-water intercoolers. The air-to-water intercoolers make for some very short piping for improved transient response. Underneath the ICs is a massively thick radiator; it’s somewhere around 4 inches thick. When you’re road racing, you need to stay cool! A pair of Tial BOVs are used along with Earl’s lines and fittings everywhere.

R's Tuning GTR SEMA 2013 Recaro Sparco

Ricky is a narrower guy and therefore has the slim fitting Sparco driver’s seat. More American sized passengers get the wider Recaro. Mounted on the center console is a Cobb Accessport. If you want to tune a GTR, the Cobb AP is the way to go.

R's tuning GTR Wing

The rear wing mounts are super strong. I tried to get them to flex just a millimeter and failed. They are literally about a half inch thick. Notice they are also mounted solidly to the chassis and not to the trunk.

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