Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2013 – Part I



SEMA 2013

This car is also blue, but quite a bit different than the GTR. There’s just something about some good ole school American muscle. This one has been modified for road course work however. The Wilwood brakes on the front would make some pizzas have size envy.

SEMA Mustang

The rear also have impressively massive Wilwood brakes. The Michelin tires are serious business. A NACA duct is used in the lower panel to grab air to cool the rear brakes. Gotta love the subtle side exit exhaust!

Dual oil coolers are mounted up front to keep the fluid temperatures in check while on the road course. The other heat exchangers appear to be well shrouded to direct all of the airflow possible through them.

That’s one clean engine bay. A bit of bracing was added connecting the upper fender areas to the rear firewall to boost rigidity.

HASport Honda Prelude SEMA 2013

This Prelude is another car you wouldn’t necessarily expect on a road course. Let me tell you though, this car is packing the goods.

HASport Honda Prelude SEMA 2013

Hasport provides the mount kit for the K24 dropped in place of the old H22. The Full-Race manifold has a Garrett GT3076R attached. Notice the location of the air intake and how the filter is sealed off from the hot engine bay. Cooler air is better! Motons keep the wheels on the ground, a CSF radiator keeps the coolant in check (well shrouded for maximum effectiveness), and the engine tuning is handled by Church Automotive.

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