Nerd’s Eye View: The MCA Suspensions “Hammerhead” Silvia S13


mca suspension s13 dry sump pump

An ARE/Barnes 4 stage dry sump pump sits where the A/C compressor did many moons ago. The pump is driven by a 1″ wide Gilmer square tooth drive belt and the drive pulley is bolted directly to the hub of the ATI damper. Also bolted to the hub of the ATI damper is the crank position trigger wheel which oddly enough only has 2 teeth on it. 

mca suspension s13 dry sump pan

At the bottom of the SR20 is an ARE dry sump pan with three outlets that are scavenged by three individual stages on the dry sump pump. The 4th stage is used to scavenge the Garrett GTX3582R turbo. It appears the engine is still sitting on NISMO engine mounts.

mca suspension s13 gtx3582

The Garrett GTX3582 with a .82 A/R turbine housing with V-band outlet is bolted up to a Mazworx single entry exhaust manifold.

mca suspension s13 turbosmart wastegate

A single Turbosmart Pro-Gate50 50mm wastegate handles the excess exhaust pressure. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cars at WTAC all used Turbosmart wastegates. 

mca suspension s13 wastegate

All wastegate plumbing (boost, oil, and water) is done with PTFE lined hoses for the ultimate in reliability. In the lower right hand corner of this picture, you can see a tube connecting the front shock tower to the roll cage.

mca suspension s13 sr20ve engine

The SR20 uses a P11 Primera SR20VE cylinder head for a big improvement in power delivery due to the the VVL (variable lift via lobe switching) on both intake and exhaust sides. If memory serves me right, that's a P12 Primera valve cover. The cams and valvetrain are standard P11 with the exception of stiffer valve springs. The engine was built by Murray and has been poked and stroked to a displacement of  2340cc using a JUN 92mm crankshaft with 90mm pistons. The pistons were locally made for MCA in Australia. The engine uses Darton sleeves with a modified Power Enterprises head gasket. The sleeves were specially machined to stand .005″ proud of the block's deck to increase the sealing force around each cylinder.

mca suspension s13 intake manifold

A custom Mazworks intake manifold and fuel rail can be found on the induction side. Injector Dynamics ID2000 fuel injectors and a Turbosmart FPR-2000 fuel pressure regulator handle fuel delivery. The throttle body is a Nissan P12 Primera 70mm unit. The E85 is pumped to the engine via dual Bosch 044 fuel pumps mounted at the rear of the car.

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