Nerd’s Eye View: The MCA Suspensions “Hammerhead” Silvia S13


mca suspension s13 intercooler

The intercooler and radiator are both PWR units and are ducted directly from the nose to exit here at the hood.

mca suspension s13 dyno graph

626.3 hp at the wheels at 33 psig on E85 is pretty healthy. All of this is orchestrated with an Autronic SM4 ECU. I suspect MCA may need a bit more power if they plan on chasing the AWD cars. But then again, there's always a little feature called traction control that should help if implemented effectively.

mca suspension s13 on track

Love or hate the way it looks, the MCA Hammerhead is FAST. With more development it will only get faster. It will be interesting to see what MCA has planned for WTAC 2013. Make sure you plan a trip to Sydney for WTAC 2013. The event has been moved to October 18 and 19th to ensure better weather.

mca suspension s13 earl bamber

Here's Earl Bamber with the official P3 photo. The funny thing is that Earl was born in 1990 which means he is the exact same age as the MCA S13. Anyhow, with a 1:27.8 lap time, that's over 1 second faster than the CyberEVO's winning lap time in 2011.

mca suspension s13 team

Here's the MCA crew right after the event happy as can be. They should be since all of their hard work yielded an amazing result. Only 0.62 seconds behind the Tilton Interiors EVO 9 (Sneak Peek article coming up very soon!) and just 0.52 seconds faster than Suzuki Under in his S15, WTAC 2012's competition was fierce for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. To read how WTAC unfolded from MCA's point of view, I recommend reading Josh's stories on the MCA Blog:


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mca suspension s13 murray and josh coote


And I'll leave you with a goodbye with Murray and Josh Coote. After all their hard work, you know you want to give them a thumbs up too!

Keep your eyes on the MCA at WTAC 2013 because I think the team will definitely be back with some tricks up their sleeve. With Murray's extensive experience in racing, anything's possible. Just be sure to look out for the Team America GT-R first!



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