New Time Attack Competitor in Super Modified Throws Down the Gauntlet to All Comers!

brandon davis

New Time Attack Competitor in Super Modified Throws Down the Gauntlet to All Comers!
MotoIQ Staff Report

The sixth of seven stops of the Redline Time Attack season at Infineon Raceway this October 23-24 is looking to be an awesome show!  World Challenge driving ace Brandon Davis will be attending the event in his SPEED World Challenge GT Class Ford Mustang. Brandon won the 2009 GT championship in this car.

brandon Davis

From speaking with Brandon, we know that the car, in SPEED GT trim, is SEVERELY restricted…. for Redline Time Attack Super Modified duty, they will be pulling 300lbs out of the car, removing the mandated inlet restrictor and will be running full race slicks.
Now, for comparison sakes, let’s bench race Brandon’s Mustang Vs. Billy Johnson’s FXMD Acura NSX. This is of course bench racing, so this won’t be perfectly accurate. We will use the Long Beach Grand Prix course, as both cars have run the circuit, and we have validated lap times for both on the circuit.

In 2009, Brandon recorded a lap of 1:26.036.
In 2008, Billy Johnson recorded a lap of 1:30.170.

Both cars set those times on DOT legal tires. The Mustang on Toyo’s and the NSX on Yokohamas. We know that FXMD recorded a lap time of 1:45.247 at Buttonwillow in November 2009, again, on DOT tires. We think it is safe to assume the Mustang is capable of running 1:45’s in SPEED GT trim, if not faster. Honestly, my guess is that it could run 1:44’s in SPEED GT trim. Now, remove the 300lbs, crank up the power to close to 800 and throw on some super meaty race slicks….

Brandon Davis

Brandon says he has the TA field covered. To say he is confident that he will win the event, is an understatement.

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