Nissfest 2015: A Perfect Day for Nissan Lovers


Booty for days! There was a nice little line-up of Sentra SE-Rs throughout the whole day. along with some good looking B13 Sentras. 
Another great part about Nissfest was seeing how families were able to come together. Here's Mike and his daughter Christa unloading his car and getting it prepped to hit the track. 
This is a nice representation of some Japanese muscle for you!
There were even grassroot-styled S13s at the show. Here's a 240 “truck” that had the top cut off just a few days before Nissfest.
And of course, everyone and their mothers knew when Mike was on the track. This little car had to be one of the loudest cars on the track that day.
Although it was a Nissan show some other makes came out to participate in the track day.

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