Nissfest 2015: A Perfect Day for Nissan Lovers


?There was some autocross action going on at the event as well. This FR-S was having a blast maneuvering through the course. 
?This mean G35 meant business on the autocross track.
This 370Z driver looked like he was having a fantastic time while autocrossing.
 These guys were not playing any games when it came time to line up for their run!
Good things come in small packages.
If there's a track day you will most likely find an S2000 there.

That's a wrap for Nissfest 2015. It was definitely interesting to see the many ways one platform can be transformed for multiple purposes. It was great seeing a variety of folks from different backgrounds, sharing their mutual love for Zs, Gs, and Datsuns. We are excited to see what 2016 has in store!



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