No Respect, Project Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V Part 1


This tube goes from the forward leg up at and angle through the firewall to the top of the shock tower… to triangulate the shock tower to the main structure of the roll cage.

We also noted an odd point of the cars construction.  The top part of the main frame rail where it welded to the firewall was simply open.  This made a weak point in this highly loaded area. Why Nissan did this is a mystery.  It must have something to do with controlling crush characteristics in a bad crash.  This however is very bad for stiffness.  We added reinforcement to this area boxing it in.

Wherever the tubes pierce the firewall, the gaps and holes are plugged with sheetmetal to couple the tubes to the unibody.The front suspension is thus completely tied to the unibody and the cage to make a very stiff structure.

We are now well on the way into the conversion of our Spec-V from a sporting shitbox to a shitbox with an attitude.  Stay tuned, in upcoming segments we’ll complete our cage and turn our attention to the motor.

Our cowl triangulation goes from the shock towers back into the main part of the cage.  This provides tube frame like stiffness to the noodly Sentra Chassis



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