OnPoint Dyno’s 350Z


One fuel rail housing Injector Dynamics 725cc injectors feeds all six cylinders. One rail is lighter and simpler therefore it is better. OnPoint Dyno designed and developed this unit. Another advantage – it allows for a simple one fuel line system. The runners are machined from billet aluminum and then are bolted to a base plate. O-rings seal all of the components for reliability. Sasha first printed the runners off with a 3-D printer to allow for test fitting. This process allowed for finding the best possible fitment – providing necessary room while maintaining necessary clearance.
OnPoint Dyno has taken the development of the Individual Throttle Body setup a step further. Jenvey Dynamics is a UK business that was founded in 1987. They design, develop and manufacture throttle bodies – and the entire range of induction system components – for motorsport. In this case, Jenvey supplies only the ITBs and OnPoint Dyno developed their own CNC runners that are bolted in place.
These horns have just been 3-D printed. Talk about a newly developed product! The finished product will be a CNC design, but for testing this is ideal. This is for the 57 mm Jenvey ITB setup. The OnPoint Dyno/Jenvey 53.5 mm ITB kit is already available – complete with polished CNC'd air horns. Sasha not only used these 3-D printed horns on the dyno,  but for the rainy day race you will see later on he already had the CNC'd version installed.
Compact, simple yet complex at the same time, and ready for some time on the dyno to show how they perform.
The custom carbon fibre airbox is set into place to demonstrate how it will look. Vibrant Performance air filters feed the system.
This looks incredibly mean! Obviously, the factory hood will not work with this ITB setup. A curved intake horn setup, providing clearance for a stock hood, is in the development stages.

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