OnPoint Dyno’s 350Z


Rear brake calipers are stock. Koni 2822 4 way adjustable shocks came on the car and they are still in use. This shock setup used to be used on Indy cars. They have been revalved to handle 1550 lb front and 1300 lb rear springs. These springs will be upgraded to 1700 lb front and 1500 lb rear springs soon. The suspension has SPL Parts spherical bearings used throughout. SPL Parts suspension links are used on the front and rear of the car.
The DynaPack chassis dyno bolts right to the drive hubs. OnPoint Dyno can handle both two and four wheel drive vehicles.
 Thanks to Speed Academy for providing permission to link their video, shot at the same time as I was collecting data for this article, with our MotoIQ article.
Here is Sasha's 2014 1 minute and 28 second run for second in Unlimited Rear Wheel Drive with Global Time Attack at Road Atlanta. It was a different car two years ago!


Just a few days after my interview with Sasha, he was out with Kelsey (the nickname Sasha has for his Nissan 350Z) at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park getting some track time in the rain. This was not the time to see if he could best his 1:22.xxx second lap. It was time to make sure that all of the pieces were working together appropriately.

Sasha's business, OnPoint Dyno, is running non-stop. In his spare time he has been developing his 350Z. I saw this car when he first got it years ago and have watched as he has been developing it to meet his goals. The car has moved forward so far but it has not yet reached his goal. Sasha is building a car that is reliable and super fun to drive. That has been accomplished. The next goal has been a greater stretch yet it may be attained this season. You see, around 2008 ALMS cars at Mosport (now Canadian Tire Motorsport Park) were running 2:18.xxx second laps at this 2.459 mile ten corner track. Watching these relatively low horsepower cars with high aero attaining these times inspired Sasha. That is the goal for his NIssan 350Z. With last season's 2:22.xxx lap times he is now within four seconds of that target. With the changes outlined in this article, I think he is going to be very close. If only it was not raining when he was just there!



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