Parts for Less

I was talking to Troy at XS earlier today and he mentioned that he just put up a bunch of kick ass parts on the XS Ebay store that are priced pretty damn good. Check some of this stuff out for some examples:

Apexi N1 Pro Coilovers for IS300/Altezza, brand new

HKS EVO 8 272 Camshafts, brand new

MSD/Rochester 72lb Injectors x 4, used

Owen Developments EVO 4-8 Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold, brand new

Blitz/Denso 550cc top feed injectors, brand new

Porterfield Brembo pads for G35/350z/Skyline GT-R/EVO/STi, brand new

Hawk HPPlus rear pads for for G35/350z/Skyline GT-R/EVO/STi, brand new

Performance Friction front pads

for Brembo F50, F40, and Gran Turismo upgrades, brand new

XS Engineering 400hp turbo system for DC2 Integra and EK Civics, brand new

Cosworth S2 278/274 camshafts for EJ255 and EJ257 STi with AVCS, used

XS Engineering EVO 7/8/9 Downpipes works with both standard and MR, brand new

Anyhow, get your shopping on because these are pretty serious items at excellent prices. You can visit the entire XS Engineering Ebay Clearance Store to check out some more good deals. If you buy something, be sure to make a note in the comment area “Eric sent me” because I get a little kick back/commission….heheh. Have a good labor day weekend. We all deserve it!

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