Phil Hill

Legendary driver Phil Hill passed away today at age 81. He is the legendary American race car driver that put Americans on the motorsports map. Back in those days, Americans were racing in circles and ovals on small ass dirt tracks and doing their Dukes Of Hazard thing. Phil Hill showed the world that Americans could also race with the best in the world. Here’s the story on the LA Times website. Read even more about Phil Hill on Wikipedia. Rest in peace Phil Hill.

I’m not big time in to racing history, but since I’ve been working at Cosworth I have certainly been more aware of it. I love the old school racing movies like Le Mans, Grand Prix, and Winning to name a few. If you do go out and rent these movies, keep in mind that you’re not watching these movies for the story (because the stories suck). You’re watching these movies because of the cars, racing, and to see the big balls of the old school race car drivers. There were no fire suits, high tech helmets, nomex, hans devices, let alone safety harnesses. I’m not really an old movie person, but I am a car nut so these types of movies are well worth the time.

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