PE Racing Universal Pedal Assembly

 PE Racing Universal Pedal Assembly?



Combine three decades in mechanical engineering with a deep passion for on- and off-road motorsport and the result is Perusic Engineering & PE Racing. 

Owner Daryl Perusic’s extensive background in production mechanics, thermo dynamics, fluid dynamics, and structural analysis as well as material science has seen Perusic Engineering work with companies and institutions as varied as the CSIRO, the Australian Defence Force, and Corse Automotive & Motorsport.  

The passion for motorsport has seen PE Racing work for clients across a range of motorsport disciplines that shared one key focus – performance.  PE Racing is highly experienced with engineering components not only to meet CAMS and FIA requirements but also deliver that edge on or off the track. 

In-house design and manufacturing capabilities coupled with innovative and scientific approach to design ensures that PE Racing is able to deliver both engineering services and motorsport products that deliver results.



PE Racing's capability for precision engineering and a passion for performance ensured a focus on the important things: weight, strength, and reliability. By using aircraft alloys, titanium, and their patented pedal frame design, PE Racing has delivered on all three fronts in spades. The result is one of the strongest and most reliable pedal box units on the market that remarkably weighs only 2kg.    




It’s the little things that count and PE Racing has left nothing to chance. Engineered and built in Australia, PE Racing has taken the high road in ensuring quality by only using high performance materials and a quality controlled fabrication approach. 

Extensive CAD modelling and FEA simulations along with hours on and off road has delivered the strength and rigidity to withstand the demands of brake lever loads, while continually delivering the precise control that motorsport demands.




Innovation and being trackside is in PE Racing's DNA. They have looked at existing Pedal Box designs and knew they could do it better.  The result is a next-generation patented design that makes it easier in the workshop and better on the track. 

They’ve lowered the floor stresses, reduced the need for floor modifying & stiffening, and delivered easier installation through their patented dual-adjustable mounting feet. This means a simpler and lower weight installation process that benefits you off and on the track. 

All drivers are different and they’ve designed a pedal-box that understands this. Inbuilt throttle spring return and easily and precisely adjustable linkage geometry ensures you’re able to get it exactly right when it comes to the throttle. And their patented adjustable pedal system allows you find the incline angle, face position, and mechanical advantage that serves you best.  




When it comes to mechanical advantage, pedal ratio is only part of the story. Too often PE Racing found drivers who were using what they believed to be an ideal pedal ratio only to be let down by cylinder stroke and bore choice or the geometry of the pedal box design. 

Like any racer or engineer worth their salt, they went back to the beginning and looked at the physics and what they found was astonishing. Through redesigning the pedal linkage system and master cylinder integration, they were able to maximise the mechanical advantage available with a geometric ratio varying between 3.5:1 to 3.9:1.   

This meant that they were able to deliver the same mechanical advantage in a more compact, lighter, and simplified way. That's a win-win.




When it came to designing a performance-based pedal box, PE Racing saw it as a case of delivering the technical and racing advantage to drivers whether they are on the road, the track, or off-road. 

They’ve tested and developed for competition success across a range of disciplines including: 

  • Road and Circuit Racing
  • Endurance Events
  • Open Wheelers and Formula Racing
  • Rally and Off Road
  • Drifting

It’s through working along those on the track that has allowed PE Racing to develop a performance racing pedal box that is giving drivers that edge over their competitors. They always welcome the opportunity to work with established racing drivers and teams. Feel free to contact them as they are more than willing to help. Email:  

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