Testing the AEM Electronics X Series Air Fuel Ratio Gauge: Part 1

Testing the AEM Electronics X Series Air Fuel Ratio Gauge: Part 1

by Mike Kojima

How do you make a really good air fuel ratio gauge even better?  Well that's easy, improve it in just about all measurable ways!  That's what AEM Electronics did with the new X-Series air fuel ratio gauge. The new X-Series gauge has a larger easier to read display, is more compact, is easy to calibrate and the most interesting feature of all is its industry leading response time.  

The new X-Series air fuel ratio gauge can easily be calibrated using an internal resistor or by the free air method that many feel is the most accurate reference source. There has always been controversy among users over which calibration method is better, so AEM gives the tuner both choices.

The new X-Series is also ludicrously fast!  In vetted third party testing by 360 Degree Product Testing Inc. the AEM X-Series had an industry leading response time with an average response time of 19.75 ms for the gauge and 20.27 ms for the inline system. Of 17 different brands of gauges the average response time was 70.53 ms with the next fastest gauge responding in 33.71 ms and the slowest of the 17 at 129.54 ms. A faster response time means that you can perform a more accurate tune that has the potential to be both safer and more powerful.

The new gauge has a much larger display area and is incredibly much thinner in profile as well. So bigger, thinner and faster, what more could you ask for?

If you want to learn more about the AEM Electronics Series X gauge keep reading.

The X-Series air fuel ratio gauge is the same 52 mm in diameter as the older 4110 gauge, but has a 33% larger viewing area. The X-Series air fuel ratio gauge is CAN enabled so it can be daisy chained with up to 16 other gauges for easy set up and installation.  For individual gauge feedback there is both a 0-5 volt output and a RS232 plug.
The older 4110 gauge has a smaller window and a smaller display.
With both gauges side by side the difference in readability is very apparent.  The X Series looks huge by comparison. The LED readout is 87% larger and is now 4 digit vs the 4110's 3 digit display.
Even when we installed a black bezel on our 41110 gauge the display size difference is very obvious. The new X-Series gauge can read in Lambda, AFR or O2%.  It also works with all fuels including E85, Diesel and CNG.