Piech’s Hot Rod: Porsche 914/8


The interior of the Piëch car has a wood dash and various extra switches that control the fuel pump, electrical cut off and even a fire suppression system with twin tanks located in the front trunk. It also has a houndstooth interior that matchs the exterior of the car.

Piëch’s car also became Porsche’s poster boy for the 914 with this photo. The round front wheel wells are very obvious in this photo. Photo courtesy of Porsche.

914006 –This car was given to Ferry Porsche for his 60th Birthday on Sept 19 1969. It has a 3.0L 908, 916 Trans, and 260 HP. The HP is down due to a more road worthy exhaust. This car was registered for the street and racked up more than 7,000 miles as Ferry’s steed.

This car is more finished than the orange car. This car has production headlights, side mirror, and bumpers. This car has many unique features, even though it looks more like a production car. It has a welded roof, gas cap filler on the hood , body color rockers, Porsche crest, and a matching hounds tooth interior.

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