Piech’s Hot Rod: Porsche 914/8


The built in gas cap. This is the only 914 to have this feature. Other 914s either have an exposed fuel cap found on some GT models or the much more common filler only available after you pop the front hood.
The heavy duty 916 transmission nestled up above the exhaust in place of the factory 901 used in the 914/4 and 914/6.
Not much had to be done to install the 908's 3.0 flat 8 in the 914. Other than beefing up the suspension, the 908 and 916 trans fit under the car with no modification to the unibody.
The beautiful tangle of exhaust. Other than the 3,000+ 914/6s, this amount of pipes would cover the full engine.
The front suspension is standard 914 fare.
While the 914 would become a future platform for endless conversions, Piëch built one of the wildest 914s before the company even launched. While both of these 914/8s live on at the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, there are still plenty of cheap 914s out there. With a quick stop to a recycler or salvage yard for a 3.2 or 3.6 flat 6, Chevy LS, or turbo Suby, you can challenge Piëch by building your own beast!

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