Polyethylene Pam- The Journey of Mike Kojima’s Blowup Doll

 Polyethylene Pam- The Journey of Mike Kojima's Blowup Doll

By Sarah Forst

This story was originally published a few years ago (pre-digital SLR camera for most of us obviously…), but is a wonderful tale of the kind of guy Mike Kojima is so I wanted to share the story with our MotoIQ readers.  This is not a joke, but it was pretty funny!

Once upon a time Mike Kojima- being the wacky guy he is- was cruising through the mall parking lot with his wife trying to find a good place to do donuts.  Or maybe it was figure 8’s. Either way, a beautiful woman suddenly appeared in front of him. Always ready to save a damsel in distress, he slammed on his brakes to avoid her and jumped out to make sure she wasn't startled.  Trying to be a knight in shining armor, Mike offered her a place to stay at his house. His wife Sharon, a sweetheart as well, helped her into the car and they took her home, where she lived in their garage for quite some time. One wrenching weekend, I decided she had had enough cooped up in that stuffy garage between some tires and a tool bench. It was time for her to get her life back!  I snuck her out and drove her to my house. By the way, I should mention she was kind of an airhead.

Pam- she's in the yellow pages!
Well, Ok… maybe she is!

The young lady wanted to see the world so on my next trip out to New York City, I stuffed her in my carry-on suitcase and told her to be quiet. Luckily, even post-911 security didn't suspect a thing and Pam and I made it to NYC safely, all our body cavities left un-invaded. Nissan racer Kieran Lavin picked us up at the terminal and we went to his house to celebrate the 4th of July weekend with a number of East Coast gear heads. Pam's journey had begun!  She was promptly inflated by Kieran's vacuum attachment upon arrival at his place. Did I mention Pam was a blow up doll???

Pam getting a view
Pam sat on my shoulders to get a better view of the Empire State building shortly before the fireworks began.  Hopefully this piggy back ride was before someone took advantage of her!  Man, my hair was blonde then!
Polyethylene Pam enjoyed the beautiful NYC fireworks that weekend and was the talk of the party. She shopped 5th Avenue, learned to say “How you doin'?” in the finest Bronx accent and now pronounces coffee as “cawfey.”
Pam Harry Caray's
Kieran let Pam tag along on his business trip in Chicago where she visited the subway, the Sears Tower, and the Chicago Sun Times, hoping one day to be on the cover- of some publication, at least! Pam delights in a restaurant devoted to the art of playing with balls, Harry Caray's.
Ireland Pam
Can't a blow up doll get a vacuum attachment in Ireland???
Kieran decided to sneak Pam in his suitcase bound for Ireland the next month. He had to let some air out so she could drink Guinness 24/7 at the local pubs. Pam loved the Irish countryside and was in heaven being a meat and potatoes girl.


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