Polystrand GT-Lite CRX: Part 4 – Bringing the Design Concept to Life!


Here’s the second assembly being fitted to the display stand.

One thing that I’ve learned over the years designing and fabricating parts is that sometimes an idea looks great on paper, but, in reality, might best be done differently – depending on who’s doing it. We knew that we’d need to be flexible with all the parties involved in order to get this done on time. The only place we wouldn’t compromise would be the things that might alter our pre-determined suspension geometry, and, fortunately, we didn’t have to. We ended up making a few changes to the main plates to ease the manufacturing and assembly, so you may notice it looks a little different than the computer model, but all the critical locations remained the same. Fortunately, Chris was able to promptly modify the CAD models so the fabricators could get the parts through their shops easily.


We’re hanging the subframe in the car for the first time. You can see how simple the mounting system is – this makes it easy to remove for repair or replacement if necessary.

One of the issues we needed to work around was the fact that the fabricator didn’t have the machine time available to form all of the brackets that needed to be bent. Chris redesigned these so they could be assembled like puzzle pieces – sort of an “insert Tab A into Slot B” system. It worked extremely well considering the timeline we were up against.

Here’s a look down from the top. Note that the cage is definitely going to have to change. We tacked a few extra tubes in for a little support for the fit-up, but the rear downtubes from the main hoop will be replaced with ones that go directly to the new framework supporting the IRS module.
After the initial fit-up, we’ve pulled the module back out to add the lower mounting tabs. These tabs will line up with the mounts we’ll put on the frame.
Here's the lower mounts on the frame. Simple and stout.

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