Pretty Simple EVO IX Totally Kicks Butt!

We took a break from isolation to make the trip out to Austin, Texas for Optima Batteries’ Hi-Performance Expo at the Circuit of the Americas last November. We’ll be featuring several of our favorite cars from the event so make sure you’re subscribed and getting our notifications! In this one, we have Shawn Krebsbach and his 2006 Mitsubishi Evo! This build is a great example of how you can keep a car simple and still be competitive if it’s in the right hands! Join Mike Kojima as he talks to Shawn about the details of his Evo!



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  1. Would love to hear more details about the G25 considering it’s on a 2.2L. What turbine housing is being used?

    Speed Academy on their “Abandoned STi” project found considerably more power with the G30-660. Of course this is apple and oranges for some obvious things like header length, engine displacement (2.0 vs 2.2L), and autox vs street use. For them upping the turbine housing didn’t help nearly as much as the swap to the larger framed turbo. Am curious if the turbine drive pressure is really high in this build, and that’s fine because spool is likely more important?

    Love to hear more details on the rest of the build too. 🙂

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