Increase Your Safety With Tilton’s Sliding Pedal Box

Having a rock-solid seat mount secured to your roll cage and proper harness angles are critical items to assure safety in your race car.  As a person who has struggled to drive a race car where the controls were hard to reach in enduros and testing, and who was injured due to an ill-fitting seat and harness, I can attest to how important this is. However, race cars often must accommodate drivers of all sizes.  The customary solutions are not always the best.  One way is to make the seat moveable on FIA approved sliders with double catches. Although this is reasonably strong, it is not the best and often allows the seat to have a noticeable amount of free play which bothers some drivers.  When a car is used for endurance racing, it is one of the only easy options to use so driver changes can be made quickly.  However, this can allow the harness angles to come out of the best orientation for protection.  The other option is to have the seat and harnesses bolt into different secure mounting holes.  This can take a long time to switch around, especially in a car with a roll cage.  Tilton Engineering has come out with a great solution for this issue as an option on their 850 floor-mounted pedals, having the entire pedal box moveable on its own track. The seat can be fixed and the pedals easily and quickly move.

With the Tilton pedal sliders, the seat and harness can be mounted very solidly with the proper angels.  If you need to move the controls, you simply pull this T- handle and the whole pedal box can move forward and backward!  The pedals can move in 14 positions and 7″ total.

The pedal box slides on a strong and stiff billet aluminum track assembly that bolts to the floor of your car.  As a plus, this spreads the load of pushing on the pedals out over a large area so you will not have poor brake feel due to a flexing firewall.

The T-handle controls two locking pins on either side of the pedal box that locks the pedal box in place on the track assembly.  The pedal box has two gas struts on either side of it that push the pedal box forward.  So you can let the pedals come to you when you pull the handle or push against the gas struts to get the pedals where you want them.

The pedal box itself is your standard Tilton 800, so you know it’s high quality with bearings in the pedal pivots and the balance bar for solid smooth action.  The balance bar is 7/16 in diameter for maximum stiffness The pedal box is CNC machined from forged aluminum billets and is both strong and light.


  1. How much height does the foot pan add from the floor?
    Is it just a non issue?
    As a person with size 12 shoes I can see this as being a problem.

  2. More people need to see videos of firewall flex on cars. It’s kind of disturbing when you first see it. I try to, at least, get a master cylinder brace on all my cars.

    1. The firewall tore on my Lemons car right at the clutch MC. We’re going to have to patch it up and engineer in some bracing.

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