Increase Your Safety With Tilton’s Sliding Pedal Box

The pedal foot pads bolt to the pedal arms and can move up and down to change the pedal ratio from 4.8:1 to 6.1:1. The foot pads are also adjustable in tilt.

Here are the foot pads mounted on the pedal arms.   You can see the different holes to adjust pedal ratio.

This is the optional part for a drive by wire throttle that holds the pedal position sensor.

The Tilton 850 series pedal assembly comes with a false floor to support your feet when you move the pedals for and aft!

Overall we fell that the Tilton 950 Series pedal box with the optional floor slider is a great solution for making a race car safer and useable for a wider range of drivers. The only downside that we have found is is that the floor mounted track assembly is pretty wide and doesnt fit in the footwell of some cars.  Tilton has dimensioned drawings on their website and reference them and measure your car to make sure it will fit before buying.


Tilton Engineering







  1. How much height does the foot pan add from the floor?
    Is it just a non issue?
    As a person with size 12 shoes I can see this as being a problem.

  2. More people need to see videos of firewall flex on cars. It’s kind of disturbing when you first see it. I try to, at least, get a master cylinder brace on all my cars.

    1. The firewall tore on my Lemons car right at the clutch MC. We’re going to have to patch it up and engineer in some bracing.

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