prodrive Aston Martin DB9 Vantage

Hello from the UK. It is raining and cold as fuck here. People who live here tell me its the same here 9 months out of the year. That really sucks.

This afternoon Ken and I went to Prodrive in Warwickshire, England. This is the road car side of Prodrive that is located on an old Royal Air Force base. Here Prodrive builds and engineers road cars, drivetrain, and some other good stuff. There were many Aston Martins since the Aston Martin and Prodrive owner = David Richards.

Prodrive has a engine, suspension, and aero kit for the V-8 Vantage that costs about 15,500 pounds. Expensive, but very nice. They also had the DBRS9 GT3 car which is designed for privateers (rich dudes) and race teams who want to compete in FIA GT3. This car costs only 80,000 pounds. I guess that’s cheap for a race car if you compare it to a Porsche GT3RS which starts at 94,280 pounds. Actually I don’t think it really matters when you’re at this level of car, but I wouldn’t know anything about that either. There were new Subarus at Prodrive as well, but we weren’t shown any of those cars. I guess they are works in progress….
The DB9RS GT-3 looks GOOD. And it’s “cheap” for only 80,000 pounds.pro06-jpg.jpg
The carbon wing and diffuser add downforce for high speed stability.

Buff with a capital ‘B’ is all I can say. The wheels are machined from billet: 19×10.5 with 285 Pirelli P-Zeros. Notice how clean the floor is. Keep in mind his is a workshop

They come stock with Alcon brakes. Here you can see the Prodrive coilovers as well. Notice how buff the chassis is. It’s made out of aluminum extrusions and appears to be riveted together. It’s almost like a semi spaceframe/tub arrangement.

The front of the chassis and subframe appear to be cast aluminum. Now how fucking buff is that? Our little Japanese cars are NOTHING like this. Actually not even the new GT-R is probably this buff.

The factory shock towers are way buff and the factory triangulated shock tower bar is equally as buff. Notice that the front cylinder is BEHIND the shock towers. It’s kind of a front/mid engine configuration. 0-60 mph = 4.3 secs (stock = 4.9) and top speed is 295kp/h or 183mph.

I’m going to buy one of these…… 10 years when they are $10,000.

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