Random Pics from Super Lap Battle 2007

I was digging through my files and found some random pics from November’s Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow, CA. They’re kind of behind the scenes:

Here’s the RRR/Twin’s Turbo/Jack Merdikian’s RX-7 FD when it caught on fire. Rotaries run really hot. I think Twin’s Turbo learned the hard way.

Here’s Andy Hope the Sport Compact Car Magazine editor and test driver. And also the back of Johnny Mac’s head.
This GC8 coupe from GST Motorsports with a Cosworth engine is fast. Look out for this car in 2008.
The Factor X NSK looks crazy and is pretty fast as well.

Here is Mr. Kobayashi from MCR the legendary GT-R tuner from Japan who helped us to get the car dialed in a bit better. It was still way off, but we managed to get it a little better.

Tanner drove the XS GT-R the last round. He hosts the Redline TV show on Speed so Tanner interviewed me afterwards. Apparently the XS GT-R was the fastest turbo car he’s ever driven.

Here’s Tarzan and Tanner talking. Both are super quick drivers. Who’s faster I wonder? I think they could communicate because they were talking about cars and driving. Otherwise Tarzan doesn’t speak much English. Tarzan was sponsored by Subaru so he could not drive the XS GT-R, but Tanner did an excellent Job for his first time behind the wheel.
Who’s that bad ass motherfucker? Lol…Daiji from C-West snapped this pic of me when Tanner was interviewing me for Redline TV.

Steve Mitchell in the M-Workz 350Z. This car will be the fastest 350Z – just wait.

Not the fastest that day, but definitely my favorite car at the track! Let me know if you know anybody interested in buying it. I’ll sell it for the right price.

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