Twin Turbo Subaru STI engine at XS Engineering

I was reviewing some random pictures and found this. The car is currently being completed by Koji at XS, but the turbo system was fabricated by Greg Profeta before he defected to Toyota (tuning V-8’s for emissions). I thought it was a pretty cool picture. The engine currently making 504hp to 4 wheels at 9000rpm on 91 octane and only 17psi with a Motec M800 controlling the engine. The engine is a Cosworth short block with heavily ported big valve heads and BIG fucking cams (288/290). It also sports twin Tial/Garrett GT30s, twin Tial 44mm wastegates, hand fabricated intake manifold, enlarged VQ35 drive by wire throttle body, and twin 3″ downpipes to a 90mm exhaust. I can’t wait to see what it does on C16 – the goal is 800whp.

Jock this:

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