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For those of you that have followed WRC rally, Le Mans, touring car, or are just a Subaru geek, then you will know the name Prodrive. I am not talking about the Pro Drive in the US that manufactures Honda axles and oil pump rotors. I’m talking about the Prodrive in the UK that builds WRC race cars, upgrades for Aston Martins, Subarus, and wheels and accessories. Cosworth has now teamed up with Prodrive and is handling the distribution of Prodrive products. It is a perfect match for two British companies rich in racing heritage.

Cosworth now also stocks the Prodrive Japan line of GC series of forged alloy wheels. Aside from the wheels, Cosworth will also carry the entire line of Prodrive accessories also such as boost control solenoids (people want these like they are crack), shift knobs, mud flaps, battery brackets, floor mats, exhausts, RB320 suspension (people want these like crack too), etc. It was funny to hear how some of the “”bigger”” existing Prodrive dealers would call up and say, “”I used to get 10% less than distributor pricing.”” Or “”We were the exclusive for that model wheel on this model car.”” Like we were fucking born yesterday! Anyhow, it should be exciting to add a high end line of products to compliment the already high end Cosworth products.

350Z Prodrive GC-14

S2K Prodrive GC-06h

EVO X Prodrive GC-10g

Ford Focus with GC-14i

I like the GC-10g’s.

If you have any questions, feel free to give Prodrive/Cosworth a call:

Prodrive USA
Phone 310 602 5445
Fax 310 534 2866
Prodrive Japan:
Prodrive UK:

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