FIA Group A Racing

Being a fan of the BNR32 Skyline GT-R, I always like to check out old pictures of the cars in their heyday. Whether in motorsport trim, street tuned trim, or early JDM fashion trim, I just dig the BNR32 GT-R. When you look back at the way the cars were modified on the street in the late 80’s and early 90’s, you see a bunch of the cars with 16″ wheels. You were straight ballin’ back then if you had 17’s! I always thought the BNR32 GT-R in Group A racing trim looked the best. Group A was the predecessor to JGTC or Super GT. It was much more raw without any help from aerodynamics. The BNR32 GT-R more or less dominated, but it raced against BMW E30 M3s, Cosworth Sierra RS500s, Toyota Supras, etc. The RB26 in Group A trim generated around 600hp with some weight penalties if I believe. Early 90’s race car chassis did not benefit from FEA modeling so the chassis and roll cages were not as strong as today’s cars. With 600hp, mediocre chassis, and high speed courses, there were many fatal accidents that resulted in the elimination of Group A racing in Japan in 1994. JGTC picked up where Group A left off and allowed the cars to go a step further with tire sizes, compounds, brake sizes, aerodynamic aids, etc. while reducing horsepower output which made racing much safer. What? You think that’s gay? Yeah, I do too.

There are many cool pics of Group A GT-Rs on the GT-R WORLD website. In fact, there are many cool things about all things GT-R on the website including race queens. Check out the website for the latest news on the R35 GT-R as well.

Taisan BNR32 GT-R going fender to fender with an E30 M3.

Cosworth Sierra RS500 in front of a GT-R.

Group A Supra. I cannot believe they used to race these boats. I own one and it is a BOAT.

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