2JZ Power

Yesterday morning I continued the tuning on Sean’s Supra, but I ran out of time and couldn’t finish. Previous to Sean’s car and back in 2000, the most power I made on twin HKS 2835 turbos was about 730whp on C16 fuel if I remember correctly.That was a long time ago and XS has built many Supras since then. Sean’s car surprised me with 780.08whp on unleaded race fuel at 2.0kg/cm^2 or 28.4psi. No need for super high octane leaded race fuel yet. A stock 2JZ-GTE head flows like the terrible piece of shit it is, but the XS ported head and Veilside plenum are working extremely well together. After I timed the HKS 264° cams, the engine hit full boost 600 RPM earlier and made another 30whp from 4-6.5k rpm. The bottom end has been blueprinted using stock components (this engine wasn’t originally planned for this kind of power – it’s a long story). I don’t condone the whole 800+whp on stock block bullshit that people love, but what the customer wants, the customer gets. Anyhow, the 52 trim HKS 2835’s are definitely starting to run out of steam, but I think I can squeeze about 830whp and a ton more mid-range power out of it on the VP Import fuel. Maybe next week. The engine actually shows no signs of slowing down and just keeps making more power with tuning.
ssupra.jpg Not bad. Sean will be driving this car on the street after a little while on the show circuit. He wants to have useable power on the street to smoke Veyrons and Lambos with so he didn’t want a cheap ass single with no mid-range hp like everybody else. Yeah, you know who you guys are. I didn’t grab the dynosheet, but Sean’s car made a little more top end power and nearly 250whp more power at 5k rpm than some other car with some kind of T76BB bullshit. No doubt HKS turbos are expensive, but you gotsta pay to play, son.

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