Piece of the R35 GT-R Pi

The inside of a proper race car is always cool. There are tubes everywhere, carbon fiber everything, sequential or paddle shifters, Alcantara suede dash and coverings, super low seats mounted way back in the car, real deal motorsport dash and displays, Tilton or AP pedals, etc. Things are looking good inside the new R35 GT-R Super GT race car also.

No bullshit inside this cockpit.

Notice the Pi Satellite Steering Wheel Dash that handles all display duties. Nismo relies on Pi Research engine control (ecu) and data acquisition systems for handling all chassis, engine, and drivetrain data collection. Did you know that Pi Research is a sister company of Cosworth? Now you do. Notice the Sparco suede steering wheel and Willans 5 point safety harness also. You can also bet that the transmission is a Hewland or Xtrac unit. Its funny how a JDM race car constructor doesn’t use all too many JDM parts.

Here is an image of the VK45 derived engine. This engine is very similar to the engine in your Infinity M45, FX45, or Q45. I dig how just about everything is carbon. I also dig the pushrod suspension. Notice the air separator tank on upper right hand corner with four bleeds going into it. I hear they run Cosworth pistons and other goodies inside the engine. That might be just another dumb rumor though. Anyhow, it’s all very cool shit.”

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