R35 GT-R Wins the Suzuka GT

This was the first official race for the Nissan R35 GT-R in Super GT and it took a 1, 2 finish at Suzuka yesterday. The Xanavi/Nismo car took 1st and the Motul/Autech car took 2nd or about .854 seconds behind. The Petronas Tom’s SC430 3rd place car was 25.51 second away from the 2nd place GT-R. In road racing that is a literal eternity.

Congratulations to Nissan for smoking the shit out of everybody else the first time out. Aside from the excellent job Nissan and Nismo did, they also use Pi Research electronics which probably performed flawlessly. Rumor has it a certain British company, ahem, had a lot to do with the engine in it. I’m sure that’s just a dumb rumor though…You can’t always believe what you hear. But maybe this time you should.

For more details, visit the Super GT site at http://supergt.net/en/.

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